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What is Instagram?

Instagram, the popular mobile app by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, has been gaining a lot of attention, especially since Facebook’s $1 Billion recent acquisition.

Instagram is a free and fun way to share your life with family and friends through a series of edited photographs. Each picture is taken through your smartphone and then filtered through several custom filters. You can choose to take a photograph through the app or select one from your library. Once your image is captured and enhanced, it is ready to share with the world.
How can it help my small business?

Instagram allows its 14 million users to edit and post digital photographs, and where do they all go? Mostly to one of their social networks. Join the bandwagon and use Instagram to your advantage. Here are tips on how to enhance your marketing strategies and brand identity…

Connect with your customers. Let’s face it, Instagram is cool. It’s a fun and creative experience for users and has gained a large, loyal following. When you use it, it says the same about your small business, which also makes this a good branding incentive. Use Instagram to reflect your brand identity by using one of its custom filters, whichever your creative direction may be.

Increase customer interaction at no cost. Small businesses are on a budget and are always finding marketing strategies at low costs. This application is free. Small businesses have the window to showcase their brand identity, authenticity, and expression without spending a dime. You don’t need fancy photographs, but you do need visually appealing photographs.

Publish fun photographs. A large part of branding is telling a story without words, and as entrepreneurs, you already have an eye for aesthetics. Claim your brand with Intagram photos and post fun and attractive images of the workplace lifestyle to exemplify the brand’s foundation and gain a following. One away to promote your products/services is by creating albums. This will help you showcase your small business’ individual product/service further.

Fill any voids. Storing and sharing photos is important for your social networks, including Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. This application is a free way to promote your business, target and extend your niche reach, and gain following. You can do all this with Instagram without stepping out of your comfort zone.

We hope this helps you capture the underlining benefits of Instagram for your small businesses. Perhaps, use Instagram’s success story as a module for your own business strategies. As a final thought, we’d like to enlighten you with one more tidbit–when choosing your Instagram username, use a name that is clear and reflects your company brand. This will increase your Internet marketing (including SEO) and brand identity.

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Download Instagram on iTunes or Google Play and have fun enhancing your images!

Do you have any images of your company that you’ve edited using Instagram? If so, share them with us here!

Marketing – Photo-Sharing Startup Instagram and Opportunities for Businesses

Instagram photo-sharing service is one of the most successful startups in recent times. The digital version of the Polariod camera into half time three million users for years managed to win. These include major brands such as Starbucks and Red Bull. What makes Instagram so successful and what are the opportunities for business?

What’s the application?
Instagram is a free application for the iPhone. A user Creates, shares, processes and distributes His pictures with it. Besides the fact Itself That the application is simple and intuitive, it HAS Also an appealing retro look. Unlike previous photo-sharing applications and Twitpic Such yfrog, Instagram combines Various functions write one application.In short, after Taking a photograph, a user can-Several filters have to let go, before he Announced Instagram through the Feed and Other Social Networks. Shared pictures are Instagram to providence commentary or a ‘like’. This makes the application Itself Into A social network, driven by pictures of the users. At present a unique feature.

6 photos per second
Weekly Instragram attracts about 130,000 new users and 3.6 million new pictures added. That is 6 per second. The figures are not all positive: in March, more than one third of those registered inactive and had only 5 percent over 1950 photos uploaded. Typically one of the vagaries of a relatively young, free online service? It seems so. Instagram the number of active users upload photos that remains in practice every day increase. There are certainly users not actively uploading but others follow.

Which brands have been active in Instagram?
The amount of users, combined with rising fame, Instagram also makes business interesting. Some companies have already made the step and is actively present. A few weeks ago, Starbucksthrough Instagram tested the reactions of the public to its new logo. It also provides regular insights into the popular coffee company itself. Of test sessions in the boardroom to new product ideas. The constant stream of user-generated content (Instagramers ‘their pictures with tag “# starbucks’) is the brand into one of the liveliest. Starbucks has over 10,000 followers Instagram.

Levi’s Brazil will attend Instagram and shares many pictures. The main reason for them to participate is that the target group in the South American country is remarkably active Instagram. The fashion brand share product images above shows future product releases and street scenes of fashionable people to the brand. Thus it creates an interesting visual brand presence Instagram.

What are the opportunities for companies Instagram?
Instagram is not a medium that delivers direct marketing. However, the long-term value for the marketer. To begin to meet Instagram an important step in the customer process, namely ‘reach’: to be where the audience sits. The growing number of ‘Instagramers’ causes the secretion of an interesting group of people as a brand to communicate. Especially in this period, when relatively trend-setters use the new medium.

The moment when a user follows a brand is important. He or she will show commitment. Instagram was then an excellent platform for a brand to the conversation with the audience to go: share images, and give feedback. For participating companies is important to handle well here: firstly observe the behavior of the target and then go to the conversation. Do this by dividing images actually watching (and sharing) are worth.
For companies already using Instagram choice seems obvious. These are often companies with a significant emotional value of their identity. Because the service is modeled on imagery is a very convenient way to fans and potential fans to become acquainted with the emotional brand identity. Of course there are brands where this property is less pronounced. For them it seems Instagram a less obvious application. The case of NH Hotels shows that this does not necessarily have to be the.

The future of Instagram
Using Instagram by companies is still pretty conventional, and not much different from other social campaigns. Instagram the API that was released in February, will change this. This API enables developers to provide real-time updates to user questions related to pictures (of other applications than Instagram), tags, locations or geographical location. Instagram itself to explaining this a demo website launched shows updates from users in a radius of five kilometers of a number of capitals.

The nice mash-ups that the API already produced, such as the web-gallery Instagrid, a sort of hot-or-not website Pic-a-fight and the possibility of displaying images on the iPad with Instagallery, go party applications that are getting onconventioneler. For example, consider an “imaged-based gaming location or the integration of photos with a certain tag in other applications (such as food or fashion communities). Opportunities abound!